Unveiling the Essence of Maternal Love: Treasured Moments with Preet, Preciosa, Haigs, and the Inaugural Nectar of Milk.

We are delighted to announce the winners of the 2022 Birth Photography Image Competition by the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers! We extend our gratitude to all the talented entrants who took part this year, as well as the families who graciously allowed us to capture and share their precious moments of bringing new life into the world.


The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers is excited to announce the champions of the 2022 Birth Photography Image Contest!

The submissions we received this year have truly been awe-inspiring and impactful. It’s the first time since our annual competition started in 2012 that we decided to include images depicting Hardship & Loss. This addition brought an unprecedented level of power and strength to the collection, unlike anything we have ever seen before. We are thrilled to have received a record number of entries and to showcase the most remarkable body of work we have ever published. It’s important to note that all the images have been shared with the consent of the family and the photographer. We kindly ask that you respect their choice and the copyright of these images. Please refrain from copying, printing, or saving any of the images and instead share a link to this page.

If you are interested in writing a story about our competition, please fill out our Media Request Form before using or sharing any images. Images can only be shared once the form is completed. It is essential to give proper credit and include hyperlinks to the photographer or copyright owner. We will provide you with all the necessary contact information, photographer links, and watermarked/web-ready images in one download. For any requests for an interview or quote with our Director, please direct them to…

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Please take note: Although childbirth is a breathtaking experience, it is also unfiltered and authentic. Expect some rawness when browsing through the submissions. Remember to scroll down to enjoy all of the stunning entries from this year.

Titles Given by Judges

In this article, we will discuss the awards and titles bestowed upon individuals by judges.

Judges play a crucial role in recognizing exceptional talents and achievements. They have the authority to bestow prestigious titles and awards upon deserving individuals. These accolades serve as a symbol of recognition and appreciation for their outstanding contributions. Let’s take a closer look at the various titles given by judges.

1. Best in Show:
One of the most coveted titles awarded by judges is the “Best in Show.” This title is typically given in competitive events or exhibitions, such as dog shows or art contests. It signifies that the recipient’s entry is superior and stands out among all other participants.

2. Grand Champion:
In sporting or competitive events, judges grant the title of “Grand Champion” to individuals who excel above the rest. This title recognizes the recipient as the overall winner, demonstrating exceptional skills, talent, or performance.

3. Most Valuable Player (MVP):
In team sports, judges may designate the title of “Most Valuable Player (MVP)” to an individual who has made the most significant impact on their team’s success. This award acknowledges the recipient’s exceptional abilities, leadership, and contributions to the game.

4. Outstanding Performance:
For outstanding individuals who demonstrate exceptional skills or talent, judges may grant the title of “Outstanding Performance.” This recognition is often given in fields like music, dance, or theater, where judges evaluate the participant’s abilities and applaud their exceptional performance.

5. Excellence in Innovation:
In fields related to science, technology, or innovation, judges award the title of “Excellence in Innovation” to individuals who have made groundbreaking contributions. This title reinforces the recipient’s exceptional creativity, originality, and significant impact on their respective field.

Judges play an instrumental role in recognizing and celebrating exceptional individuals by bestowing them with prestigious titles and awards. These titles serve as a testament to the recipient’s outstanding achievements, talent, skills, and contributions in various domains.

This year, we have made changes to the structure of our categories and award titles for the first time since 2019. In addition to our returning four main categories – Birth Details, Labor, Delivery, and Postpartum, we have introduced a new category called Hardship & Loss. The category of Fresh48 has been removed, and we have added three additional subcategories under each main category: Black & White, Documentary, and Fine Art. We are excited to be awarding many new titles for this year’s competition because we have learned from experience that there are always more entries deserving of recognition than there are award titles available.

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