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During my early years, my hand went through incidents of burns, eventually leading it to take on a tree-like appearance. In the Satkhira district of Bangladesh, there is a 12-year-old girl named Mukta who has been diagnosed with ‘tree-man syndrome,’ a condition where the skin on her hand becomes hardened and rough, resembling the bark of a tree.

Dhaka is the setting for a rather unusual condition that has befallen a 12-year-old girl named Mukta. She has been diagnosed with a rare disorder known as “tree-man syndrome.” This condition causes the afflicted person’s skin to become hard and rough, resembling the texture of a tree trunk.

Mukta’s father, Ibrahim Hussain, recalls that the condition first manifested about three years ago when a part of Mukta’s right hand got burnt. The reaction from the burn gradually spread throughout her hand, causing it to swell and eventually harden like wood. As time went on, this peculiar problem started affecting other parts of her body as well.

Despite seeking treatment at various places over the past nine years, Mukta’s condition has not improved. Desperate for a solution, she has now been brought to the Burn and Plastic Unit at the Medical College in Dhaka for further treatment. Ibrahim appeals for prayers and hopes that his daughter will finally find relief.

Dr. Samantalal Sen, the head of the Burn and Plastic Unit, explains that it is currently challenging to provide a clear diagnosis for Mukta’s disease. However, it is evident that she suffers from a skin-related disorder. Unfortunately, her physical condition is not currently suitable for surgery. The medical team plans to observe her for the next 7 to 10 days before making a decision regarding her treatment.

We’d like to inform you that Muktа has been accepted into Dhаkа Medical College’s Burn and Plastic Unit this Tuesday. An 8-person medical team has been assembled to provide treatment for him.

Sheikh Hasina, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, is affected by a condition known as “tree-maп syndrome”. Mukta, a young girl diagnosed with diabetes, is shouldering the responsibility of managing the entire treatment process.


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