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Currently, the child is struggling with hydrocephalus, but sadly, his condition is getting worse. Doctors predict that his head will continue to increase in size, and the medical outlook is that there is no hope for the child to recover.

Family, friends, and everyone close to this child are in a state of concern. An update on the situation reveals that the mother was overwhelmed with emotion during the last meeting, struggling to find the right words to convey her distress. The family is desperately seeking help for their ailing baby, pleading with anyone watching the video to assist in getting the necessary advanced treatment that could potentially save the child’s life. Despite previous donations, the child’s condition has only worsened, with doctors closely monitoring the situation. Unfortunately, local hospitals are unable to provide the required treatment, leaving the family feeling helpless as the baby’s condition deteriorates. Your continuous support is greatly appreciated as the family navigates through this difficult time.

They confirmed that we need advanced medical treatment overseas.
According to the mother, the baby’s condition is now worse than ever.
The head continues to grow each day and shows no sign of stopping.
Due to the enlarged head, the baby is no longer easily picked up as before.
However, she mentions that the parents are doing everything they can to care for him.
Although he has grown, the situation with his head remains distressing.
Previously, we could hold him for extended periods, but now his head is so heavy that lifting him even for a minute is difficult.
The issue lies in the fact that the head will not cease growing unless we receive advanced medical treatment.

It may seem like an impossible task, but as parents, we do everything we can to take care of our child. We provide him with breast milk and fruit as he has now started eating solid foods. Our goal is to ensure he receives all the necessary vitamins from fruits and breast milk. Maintaining his health is crucial as he expends a lot of energy each day. We are not alone in this journey, as we have friends who have accompanied us and who work for an insurance company with promising news for us.

Upon seeing the initial story about this baby on Afrimax, I was deeply moved and felt compelled to contribute to improving his life. Please contact me regarding any assistance needed in our daily work. When encountering such situations, we strive to assist individuals in receiving advanced medical care. A special thanks to Afrimax TV for being the window through which we can see what is happening across the country. You truly are the eyes of the people, keeping us informed.

One day as I was heading home from work, I opened YouTube and came across the story of a child in need of advanced treatment. The parents were contacted, and I inquired about the progress of the child’s treatment. They mentioned that they required advanced treatment, which our insurance company in India could provide. I requested a medical report from the family, which they later sent to India.

The medical experts in India have agreed to provide treatment for the child, identifying the issue as related to the brain. The positive news is that they are willing to offer the necessary treatment. However, the main challenge lies in the expensive medical bill, which amounts to $9,000. This cost is reduced due to a partnership we have established. The surgery is expected to take place over a period of three to four days, with additional expenses for transportation and travel documents bringing the total to over $16,000. We are asking for compassion and assistance in helping us save this innocent baby. Our goal is to restore the baby’s health and happiness to the family. This is the main purpose behind our visit today and we hope to do this more often.

We have successfully sent many individuals to different countries for various reasons, including medical treatment. We ensure that all necessary travel documents, visas, and passports are provided to them. Today, I come to you with a humble plea to help a baby in need of medical treatment. Even though words may not suffice to express our gratitude, your kindness will surely be rewarded in due time.

I believe that the day will come when we will sing songs of glory and praise, and that day is approaching rapidly. Despite this child being only six months old, we have the power to help him and secure his future. Let’s not allow Hydrocephalus to shatter his dreams. Who knows what he may achieve with our support? Your act of humanity can change his life for the better.

Perhaps in the future, this child could become the next minister, football star, or even president, but it all starts with us here and now. All we ask for is your support in helping this child.

Upon seeing him, we quickly sought out an Indian hospital that could provide the necessary treatment. Fortunately, we found a reputable hospital in New Delhi. Initially, we sent over his medical reports and pictures, but today I sent updated images showing the progression of his condition, which even shocked the doctors there.

We are currently in negotiations with the hospital, trying to secure a discount. If successful, we will inform you all promptly. Our main goal is to raise funds, as the parents cannot handle this financial burden alone. Together, we can make a difference.

Without the insurance coverage we secured for the baby, the cost of treatment would have exceeded $60,000. Thanks to the insurance, we received a significant discount. We will continue to support others facing similar challenges in the future.

I would like to express my gratitude to Afrimax and all those who have supported us. Their generosity and kindness have been truly touching. I didn’t even realize they were thinking about us. May they be blessed abundantly for their compassion. I am deeply grateful for the way they have embraced our situation as their own. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

There is nothing we can achieve alone.
I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has supported us, but I urge them to continue supporting us because the battle is still ongoing.
It is our responsibility to assist this critically ill infant.
Let’s make every possible effort to rescue this baby.
If you wish to contribute to raising funds for the baby’s medical treatment, please click on the link provided that will take you directly to the GoFundMe Page.
Is it the action itself, not the outcome, that truly matters?
This is a crucial point to consider.
You must always strive to do what is right.
It may not be within your control, it may not happen in your lifetime, but that should not deter you from doing what is right.
You may never see the results of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results.
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