Mysterious Allure: Unraveling the Mystique of the ‘Ghost Boy’ and His Haunting Presence.

Mithun suffers from neurofibroma syndrome, which causes tumors to grow all over his body.

Mithun’s life is far from typical for a 16-year-old. Afflicted with neurofibroma syndrome, his body is covered in tumors that have made him a social outcast. Instead of attending school and hanging out with friends, Mithun is often confined indoors, as his appearance startles those around him and earns him the cruel nickname “Ghost Boy”. The fear and rejection he faces from others have sadly forced him to miss out on the normal experiences of adolescence.

Mithun spends most of his time at home because no one wants to play with him.

Mithun spends most of his days cooped up at home because nobody wants to hang out with him. “Why am I being punished like this?” he wonders aloud. “My looks scare off my friends, I can’t even go to school or visit my neighbors for a game.”

Living in Navada city, India, Mithun’s family revealed that his body became covered in tumors due to a doctor giving him the wrong medication for a mole at the age of 5. These growths on his face have made it hard for him to do daily activities like eating, seeing, and even breathing.

Doctors in India say they can cure Mithun.

In India, doctors are confident that they can treat Mithun’s illness. Doctor Ashwini Dash identified the boy’s condition as neurofibroma, a genetic disorder that leads to the development of tumors along nerves in the body. This rare condition affects around 33,000 people worldwide, and unfortunately, there is currently no known cure. However, Indian doctors are optimistic about curing Mithun. The treatment process will be carried out in phases and is estimated to cost around 300,000 rupees (about 100 million VND), according to an unnamed doctor.

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