“Dad’s heartwarming moments: Watching his daughter’s priceless reactions to milk”

It’s nearly impossible to resist the adorable charm of babies, whether they be human, feline, or even resembling Yoda. The appeal of their cuteness is just too much to handle. What makes babies so endearing probably wouldn’t have the same effect on adults, unless you’re a clever comedian who knows how to pull off imitating a newborn effortlessly. One such comedian, known as Josh, recently captured the internet’s attention with a video of him mimicking his 7-week-old daughter’s ‘milk drunk faces’. The video quickly went viral, accumulating over 43 million views in just six days. It’s no surprise – the video is a delightful mix of cute and hilarious moments!

Josh is well-known for his quirky and fun videos, which he describes as “random, short, joyful, weird.” Unlike many other creators, Josh likes to keep things fresh by making each of his videos unique and unexpected. He admits that this may not be the best marketing strategy, but he can’t help it – he loves the freedom of being able to bring any idea to life. As he told Bored Panda, “I can’t do it any other way!”

The internet funnyman started creating videos back in 2007, though it wasn’t until later that he really started to build a following. “My initial YouTube video was way back in 2007! It featured me attempting to chug 3 liters of chocolate milk while in a bubble bath wearing a full suit – needless to say, it was a bit of a disaster and didn’t exactly go viral,” he chuckled.

After experimenting with different approaches, Josh started to focus on achieving success. He shared, “My goal was always to bring happiness to others and put a smile on their faces. I used to be really reserved, but making videos helped me break out of my shell. What started as a hobby for almost a decade turned into something more when a few of my videos went viral. Now, I have a small group of dedicated fans and I’m fortunate enough to pursue this full-time!”

The comedian from Australia had a unique journey before becoming famous on the internet. Surprisingly, Josh used to work as a pastor. “Can you imagine it? Before all this, I was actually a church pastor for 5 years. Prior to that, I spent 3 years studying the Bible and volunteered regularly at my church. Faith has always been my top priority, and while I still attend church, the timing felt right a year ago to leave my pastoral duties and pursue comedy full-time.”

Josh is among the fortunate few who successfully transformed his passion into a profession. Currently, he enjoys his time engaged in his favorite activities, and since becoming a new father, he’s also introducing his daughter Billie to his job.

It seems that she has a strong fan base, as the video of her and her dad’s reactions quickly spread across the internet. Despite this popularity, Josh acknowledges that not everyone was supportive of the video.

It quickly racked up 15 million views within just one day! Now, it has hit 42 million views on my channel and a whopping 80 million views when you count all the reposts. The feedback has been mixed – some find it charming yet eerie, while others wish it was just my daughter in the spotlight, excluding me. As they say, you can’t please everyone! lol

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