Capturing Memories: Birth and Postpartum Photography in Twin Cities — Preserving Treasured Moments in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN.


I often get asked if I am open to trading or bartering for my birth photography services here in Minnesota. My simple answer is yes! There are plenty of things I already spend money on that I would be interested in trading for. Working on a trade basis can definitely be worth my while. If you are interested in my photography but can’t quite afford my prices, and payment plans or gift registries aren’t your thing, then why not suggest a trade? If you can offer one of the services listed below, I am definitely open to discussing the possibility of trading or bartering for services. Keep reading to find out more. And if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

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I have a few items on my wishlist that I am willing to trade for, but I am also open to other suggestions! These include services such as house cleaning and landscaping, as well as fresh, organic produce from a CSA, or sustainable meat. I would love to trade for meals out, a relaxing massage (which I have never experienced before), or even a new haircut. I am also open to trading for Airbnb/VRBO/cabin time, and I am sure there are plenty of other possibilities that I would be interested in!


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